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Transimmune is building a platform technology based on its physiologic dendritic cells. We are working with our partners to make physiologically-activated dendritic cell products ex vivo in order to reboot the immune network in vivo.

By putting natural physiology at the heart of the production of our cellular product we potentially introduce two important breakthroughs to the field:

  1. In vivo potency can be improved by creating a truly physiologic partnership with the broader immune network. Dendritic cells act both directly and indirectly to create a network effect that is conceptually far more complex than what is achievable by single effector cell immune therapies. It is intuitive that a truly physiologic therapy is required to deliver such a level of sophistication.
  2.  The cost of goods and treatment pathway can be dramatically improved by mirroring how dendritic cells are made in vivo. We anticipate the first generation of ex vivo autologous products will be generated, vein to vein, in a matter of hours in a point of care setting.
Science & Technology

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