Dendritic Cells designed by nature

We build immune cell therapies that drive a truly physiologic partnership with the immune network. By using cells primed by millions of years of evolution, our products represent a breakthrough in the use of dendritic cells to reprogram immunity.

Laboratory experiments

Our Mission

We aim to cure disease by reprogramming immunity using physiologic dendritic cells. We exploit immunology to deliver vaccination in a more targeted manner with implications for both efficacy and safety. Our cells have the potential to drive immunity against specific viral or cancer targets or precisely dampen harmful immune activation in the case of autoimmunity or graft vs host disease.

Our Timeline

How we deciphered extracorporeal photopheresis (ECP) and learned to program immunity as nature does it
  1. Unexpected clinical results
    Unexpected clinical results
    Edelson reports first cases of successful treatment of cutaneous T cell lymphoma (CTCL) patients using ECP. New England Journal of Medicine Vol.316 (6) 1987.
  2. ECP Regulatory Approval
    ECP Regulatory Approval
    FDA grants J&J Therakos approval for use of ECP to treat CTCL
  3. Wider clinical use of ECP
    Publication of use of ECP in management of cardiac transplant Rejection. New England Journal of Medicine Vol. 339 (24) 1998.
  4. ECP - a dendritic cell therapy
    Publication of role of dendritic cell priming as key to ECP mechanism. Blood 2010 Vol. 116 (23)
  5. Transimmune founded
    Transimmune AG incorporated and raises $5m seed investment from QureInvest Fund. Foundational patents filed.
  6. ECP market leader aquired
    Mallinckrodt acquires ECP market leader Therakos for $1.3bn.
  7. Endorsement by ECP clinicians
    American Council for ECP Consensus paper endorses Transimmune’s science. J Clin Apher Vol. 33(4) 2018.
  8. Endorsement by ECP Market Leader
    Mallinckrodt strikes research collaboration with Transimmune.
  9. Building cell therapy platform
    Initiated research program with Emory University and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  10. Major Grant Award
    Award of inaugural ARPA-H grant with Emory, Yale and University of Georgia
A chemist in the laboratory develops new methods for researching medicines. A medical researcher in a laboratory is testing for a new drug for the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

About Us

Our breakthrough science has its roots in serendipity. Our founder Dr Richard Edelson sought to understand the extraordinary and unexpected clinical outcomes seen in extracorporeal photopheresis, an early cell therapy he invented in the 1980s. In doing so he uncovered how to replicate ex vivo the conditions needed to prime dendritic cells naturally. A major departure from the highly artificial methods used historically.

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Our Science

By putting physiology at the heart of manufacturing our cellular product, two benefits potentially arise that can revolutionize the clinical performance of dendritic cell therapies:

In vivo potency is enhanced by enabling a truly physiologic partnership with the broader immune network.

Cost of goods and the treatment pathway are radically improved by enabling point of care products to be generated in hours.